(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5)

ingres_num_rows --  Get the number of rows affected or returned by the last query


int ingres_num_rows ( [resource link])


Questa funzione SPERIMENTALE. Ovvero, il comportamento di questa funzione, il nome di questa funzione, in definitiva tutto ci che documentato qui pu cambiare nei futuri rilasci del PHP senza preavviso. Siete avvisati, l'uso di questa funzione a vostro rischio.

For delete, insert or update queries, ingres_num_rows() returns the number of rows affected by the query. For other queries, ingres_num_rows() returns the number of rows in the query's result.

Nota: This function is mainly meant to get the number of rows modified in the database. If this function is called before using ingres_fetch_array(), ingres_fetch_object() or ingres_fetch_row() the server will delete the result's data and the script won't be able to get them.

You should instead retrieve the result's data using one of these fetch functions in a loop until it returns FALSE, indicating that no more results are available.

See also ingres_query(), ingres_fetch_array(), ingres_fetch_object(), and ingres_fetch_row().