(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5)

ingres_query -- Send a SQL query to Ingres II


bool ingres_query ( string query [, resource link])


Questa funzione SPERIMENTALE. Ovvero, il comportamento di questa funzione, il nome di questa funzione, in definitiva tutto ci che documentato qui pu cambiare nei futuri rilasci del PHP senza preavviso. Siete avvisati, l'uso di questa funzione a vostro rischio.

Returns TRUE on success, or FALSE on failure.

ingres_query() sends the given query to the Ingres server. This query must be a valid SQL query (see the Ingres SQL reference guide)

The query becomes part of the currently open transaction. If there is no open transaction, ingres_query() opens a new transaction. To close the transaction, you can either call ingres_commit() to commit the changes made to the database or ingres_rollback() to cancel these changes. When the script ends, any open transaction is rolled back (by calling ingres_rollback()). You can also use ingres_autocommit() before opening a new transaction to have every SQL query immediately committed.

Some types of SQL queries can't be sent with this function:

Esempio 1. ingres_query() example

($database, $user, $password);

ingres_query("select * from table");
while (
$row = ingres_fetch_row()) {

See also ingres_fetch_array(), ingres_fetch_object(), ingres_fetch_row(), ingres_commit(), ingres_rollback(), and ingres_autocommit().