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sqlite_exec --  Executes a result-less query against a given database.


bool sqlite_exec ( resource dbhandle, string query)

bool sqlite_exec ( string query, resource dbhandle)

Executes an SQL statement given by the query against a given database handle (specified by the dbhandle parameter).

This function will return a boolean result; TRUE for success or FALSE for failure. If you need to run a query that returns rows, see sqlite_query().

Nota: Two alternative syntaxes are supported for compatibility with other database extensions (such as MySQL). The preferred form is the first one, where the db parameter is the first parameter to the function.


SQLite will execute multiple queries separated by semicolons, so you can use it to execute a batch of SQL that you have loaded from a file or have embedded in a script.

See also sqlite_query(), sqlite_unbuffered_query() and sqlite_array_query().