(PHP 3>= 3.0.4, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

ocibindbyname --  Bind a PHP variable to an Oracle Placeholder


bool ocibindbyname ( resource stmt, string ph_name, mixed &variable [, int maxlength [, int type]])

ocibindbyname() binds the PHP variable variable to the Oracle placeholder ph_name. Whether it will be used for input or output will be determined run-time, and the necessary storage space will be allocated. The length parameter sets the maximum length for the bind. If you set length to -1 ocibindbyname() will use the current length of variable to set the maximum length.

If you need to bind an abstract Datatype (LOB/ROWID/BFILE) you need to allocate it first using ocinewdescriptor() function. The length is not used for abstract Datatypes and should be set to -1. The type variable tells oracle, what kind of descriptor we want to use. Possible values are: OCI_B_FILE (Binary-File), OCI_B_CFILE (Character-File), OCI_B_CLOB (Character-LOB), OCI_B_BLOB (Binary-LOB) and OCI_B_ROWID (ROWID).

Esempio 1. ocibindbyname() example

/* OCIBindByPos example thies at thieso dot net (980221)
  inserts 3 records into emp, and uses the ROWID for updating the
  records just after the insert.

$conn = OCILogon("scott", "tiger");

$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "insert into emp (empno, ename) " .
"values (:empno,:ename) " .
"returning ROWID into :rid");

$data = array(1111 => "Larry", 2222 => "Bill", 3333 => "Jim");

$rowid = OCINewDescriptor($conn, OCI_D_ROWID);

OCIBindByName($stmt, ":empno", $empno, 32);
OCIBindByName($stmt, ":ename", $ename, 32);
OCIBindByName($stmt, ":rid", $rowid, -1, OCI_B_ROWID);

$update = OCIParse($conn, "update emp set sal = :sal where ROWID = :rid");
OCIBindByName($update, ":rid", $rowid, -1, OCI_B_ROWID);
OCIBindByName($update, ":sal", $sal, 32);

$sal = 10000;

while (list(
$empno, $ename) = each($data)) {



$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "select * from emp where empno in (1111,2222,3333)");
while (
OCIFetchInto($stmt, &$arr, OCI_ASSOC)) {

/* delete our "junk" from the emp table.... */
$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "delete from emp where empno in (1111,2222,3333)");


Nota: This function was renamed to oci_bind_by_name() after PHP >= 5.0.0. For downward compatibility ocibindbyname() can also be used. This is deprecated, however.


It is a bad idea to use magic quotes and ocibindbyname() simultaneously as no quoting is needed on quoted variables and any quotes magically applied will be written into your database as ocibindbyname() is not able to distinguish magically added quotings from those added by intention.