(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

ncurses_mousemask -- Sets mouse options


int ncurses_mousemask ( int newmask, int oldmask)


Questa funzione SPERIMENTALE. Ovvero, il comportamento di questa funzione, il nome di questa funzione, in definitiva tutto ci che documentato qui pu cambiare nei futuri rilasci del PHP senza preavviso. Siete avvisati, l'uso di questa funzione a vostro rischio.

Function ncurses_mousemask() will set mouse events to be reported. By default no mouse events will be reported. The function ncurses_mousemask() will return a mask to indicated which of the in parameter newmask specified mouse events can be reported. On complete failure, it returns 0. In parameter oldmask, which is passed by reference ncurses_mousemask() returns the previous value of mouse event mask. Mouse events are represented by NCURSES_KEY_MOUSE in the ncurses_wgetch() input stream. To read the event data and pop the event of of queue, call ncurses_getmouse().

As a side effect, setting a zero mousemask in newmask turns off the mouse pointer. Setting a non zero value turns mouse pointer on.

mouse mask options can be set with the following predefined constants:

Esempio 1. ncurses_mousemask() example

$mask = ncurses_mousemask($newmask, &$oldmask);
if (
$mask & $newmask){
printf ("All specified mouse options will be supported\n");

See also ncurses_getmouse(), ncurses_ungetmouse() and ncurese_getch().